14th September – Essential Mix – Paranoid London

14th September – Essential Mix – Paranoid London
Decius ‘Duuh Dup’
Armando ‘Land Of Confusion (Edited)’
Paranoid London ‘Vi-Vi-Vicious Games (Dub Version) (feat. Josh Caffe)’
Boo Williams & Glenn Underground ‘Bee W. G5’
DJ Sneak ‘Stupid Dog’
Suburban Knight ‘There’s No Way Out (Off The Groove) (Edited)’
Medicine 8’ The Bone Of Her Hand’
Paranoid London ‘Drum Machine’
Funky Green Dogs ‘High Up’
Paranoid London ‘Blue-Ish’
DJ Deeon ‘Kurokin Push’
Jack Tronic ‘The Hustler (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) (Edited)’
Glenn Underground ‘Space Square Dance (Edited)’
Robert Armani ‘Invasion (Mike Dearborn Remix)’
Tim Harper ‘Enter The Dragon’
Louis Bell ‘Dance With Me’
Paranoid London ‘The Music’
L.A. Williams ‘Brain Insane’
Crash Course in Science ‘Flying Turns (Edited)’
Raheem Hershel ‘House Of Hershel’
Unknown ‘Unknown’
DJ Sneak ‘Blue Funk’
Lil ‘Tal ‘Pop That Cap’
Paranoid London ‘Head Track’
Centrefield Assignment ‘Mi Casa’
Anthony Rother ‘My Name Is Telekraft’
Josh Caffe ‘One Night In Paris (Dub)’
Paranoid London ‘Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch The Yellow Magic?) (feat. Simon Topping)’