14th May – Essential Mix – I Hate Models

14th May – Essential Mix – I Hate Models
I Hate Models ‘Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown’
Bad Girlz ‘Hathor She Is’
Maara ‘Ultimate Revenge’
Thomas Colin ‘Computer City’
DJ Paprika ‘Impeccable (feat. Paula White)’
Lubeat ‘Acid Head (feat. Distortion)’
DJ ESP & Woody McBride ‘Decision’
Ton Globiter ‘Me or You’
Regal86 ‘Hazme Sonar’
Sobek & Aikon ‘Weight of Words’
Step Ball Chain ‘Hush (feat. noff)’
Munsinger ‘Lay Down’
K.I.N.O ‘Commando’
Albert Zhirnov ‘Old Malt’
H.Mess ‘Ferost’
Asquith ‘Leather Daddy’
Human Movement ‘Lody’s Hips’
74185# ‘New Therapy’
Ikari ‘Nowadays’
Mr. Mitch ‘In The Hills’
Mac Declos ‘Unknown Title’
Chopp ‘What’s That Sound’
She Teiks & Vongold ‘Velocidad’
Olson ‘Boe’s Cavern’
Strict Face ‘Circuit Queen’
Paàl & Trip Six Vivo ‘Unknown Title’
Ossie ‘Kalimba’
MYKI ‘Bleeding Tooth’
Human Host ‘Nazca’
A vs. B ‘Mental Stab’
I-K-O ‘Nocturne’
Kollision ‘Exhibit K’
Mython ‘Marsch der Maschinen’
Dance System ‘Pump It Up’
JFK ‘Good God!’
Undivulged ‘Besef’
Pedro Delgardo ‘Tango’
Fenrick ‘Don’t Be Lazy’
Eastern Distributor ‘Life Force’
Funk Tribu ‘Phonky Tribu’
Andrew Stephen Power ‘Cobra’
RNBWS ‘Devotion’
TRIS ‘Leo and his vodoo dolls’
Ultraviolet ‘Reign’
Bergsonist ‘Viruses Slowly Destorying the Planet’
Pouch Envy ‘Sanjin’
DJ Bazootka ‘Gymnastiks’
Stepsisters ‘1AM’
Keith Carnal ‘Ape S*** Crazy’
Mark Blair ‘Badman Acid’
K-65 ‘Ghosts’
Ganez the Terrible ‘Alarma’
Pedro Delgardo ‘The Funk’
Strait Jacket ‘Dreamcast’
Zvonimir ‘Marseille-Roubaix’