7th April – Essential Mix – Dax J

7th April – Essential Mix – Dax J
Shark? ‘Untitled 3’ DJUNGLE FEVER
Unknown Structure ‘Repitcher’ADAM & EVE RECORDINGS
Two Lone Gunmen ‘Abe Lincoln Clutching The Flag’ DROP BASS NETWORK
Pounding Grooves ‘PG29’ POUNDING GROOVES
Encephaloïd Disturbance ‘Magnetic Neurosis’ DANCE OPERA
The Hacker ‘Nu-NRG (Dax J Edit)’ FEIS
Dax J ‘Reclaim Our Lost Honor’ MONNOM BLACK
Negative Return ‘First Light’ GLOBAL AMBITION
Los 3 Brasileiros ‘Vivo (Eric Sneo Remix)’ MASTERS OF DISASTER
Dave Clarke ‘Charcoal Eyes (Terrence Fixmer Remix)’ SKINT
Formic ‘A-Formic’ RE-LOAD RECORDS
Zoid & Rhythm Technologies ‘Off The Carpet’ YOLK
Dax J & Cressida ‘Two Foot Shallow’ MONNOM BLACK
Darren Price ‘Blueprints’ NOVA MUTE
Lars Klein ‘Carpenter’ COMPOUND
Thomas P. Heckmann ‘Teufelswerk’ WAVESCAPE
Joel Mull ‘Untitled (The Advent Remake)’ CODE RED
Basic Channel ‘Phylyps Base’ BASIC CHANNEL
Terminator Benelux ‘Red Alert’ HEIDI OF SWITZERLAND
Walker ‘Untitled 1’ DJ.UNGLE FEVER
Danilo Incorvaio ‘FSO3H’ KOBAYASHI
Cinthie ‘Unknown Origin’ CINWAX
Dynamo City ‘One Night In Hackney’ STAY UP FOREVER
Kr_pt ‘X5 (Gianmarco Silvetti Remix)’ SECRET KEYWORDS
Dax J ‘Offending Public Morality’ MONNOM BLACK
Paddy ‘RT 90205’ WHITE
Oxia Dark Groove ‘Moniod’
Hyper Pearl ‘Can You Feel The Pain (Hyper Pearl Version)’ AQUATIC
Phil Kieran ‘Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix)’ NOVAMUTE
Dax J ‘Looking For Tina’ MONNOM BLACK
Digital Justice ‘Profit (No Till)’ ROBS RECORDS