3rd March – Essential Mix – Daniel Avery

3rd March – Essential Mix – Daniel Avery
Daniel Avery ‘Days From Now’ PHANTASY/MUTE
Rote ‘First Sleep’ BLEED
Hypnoxia ‘Active Tension’ BL_K NOISE
Daniel Avery ‘Decision Two’ WHITE LABEL
Alessandro Cortini ‘Lotta’ HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS
Innerst inne ‘Du Skulle Tagit Med Dig’ FURTHER RECORDS
Oscar Mulero ‘Depth In Clarity’ SEMANTICA
Saint Etienne ‘Like A Motorway (Skin Up, You’re Already Dead)’ HEAVENLY
Daniel Avery ‘Endnote’ PHANTASY/MUTE
Daniel Avery ‘TBW17’ PHANTASY/MUTE
Tropic of Cancer ‘I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over’ BLACKEST EVER BLACK
Nuances ‘I’m Going To Meet The One I Love’ BASTAKIYA TAPES
Daniel Avery ‘Embers’ PHANSTASY/MUTE
Struktion ‘Strukture’ ILIAN TAPE
Volruptus ‘Hessdalen’ TRIP
London Modular Alliance ‘Tinker’ BROKNTOYS
Dez Williams ‘On The Verge’ MECHATRONICA
Second Storey ‘Ajunlei 8 (The Exaltics Remix)’ HOUNDSTOOTH
Stenny ‘Fortress’ ILIAN TAPE
Charles Green ‘Gamma Rays’ FOUR TRIANGLES
Norwell ‘Transz’ MECHATRONICA
Two Lone Swordsmen ‘Neuflex’ WARP
Carl A. Finlow ‘Wafer Thin’ DEVICE
Mor Elian ‘Fairplex Drive’ RADIO MATRIX
Lanark Artefax ‘Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)’ WHITIES
Cleric & Setaoc Mass ‘188’ CLERGY
Versalife ‘Missing Link’ TRANSCENDENT
Daniel Avery ‘First Light’ PHANTASY/MUTE