15th April – Essential Mix – Surgeon

15th April – Essential Mix – Surgeon
Surgeon ‘Oak Bank’
Paris Is Burning (Movie) ‘Dorian Corey speech’
Surgeon ‘Atol’
DJ Manny ‘Go Down’
CTRLS ‘Subroutines’
Regis ‘The Master Side (Version 2)’
Ploy ‘Finally’
Surgeon ‘Masks & Archetypes’
Peverelist ‘Pulse III’
David Scopes ‘Day One (Hodge Remix)’
Reeko & Surgeon ‘Gangster In Disguise’
Laksa ‘Soulz’
Lag ‘Azbest’
James Ruskin ‘Hang Up’
Surgeon ‘Sleep (Ultra Violet)’
Cando ‘Release The Bees’
Surgeon ‘Subcultures’
Avernian ‘Small Arms’
Stephen Lopkin ‘Clyde Built’
Ploy ‘Stinky’
95Bones & Wager ‘Purple Hilt (East London Aerial Mix)’
Glances ‘Lentil’
British Murder Boys ‘Anti Inferno’
Mosca ‘You Smell That, Marsha?’
Curve ‘Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix)’
Surgeon ‘Berlin Disease’
Autechre ‘Clipper’
Paul Bailey ‘Saturday Boy (Surgeon Remix)’
DJ Rashad ‘Don’t Drop It’
Robert Armani ‘Blow That **** Out (Joey Beltram remix)’
Al Wootton ‘Revin’
Jurango & Jamaica Mnanda ‘Junglizer’
Tronco Traxx ‘Walk 4 Me’
Deetron presents Soulmate ‘Monophone Dub’
Quixosis ‘Burundanger 2’
Surgeon ‘RADIANCE’
Surgeon ‘Hope Not Hate’
Surgeon ‘Convenience Trap Pt.4’
Cocktail Party Effect ‘Safety Button’
Ivor Cutler ‘Five Wise Saws’
Jeff Mills ‘The Dancer’
Artist Code 4C4220 a.k.a. Artist Code 4C4142 ‘Redlights’
LWS ‘Pendrum’
Coil ‘The Snow’
Paul ‘Damage’ Bailey ‘Decompression (Makaton Remix)’
Surgeon ‘Oak Bank’
Regis ‘Guiltless’
Peder Mannerfelt ‘Planns’
Batu ‘In Tongues’
Fraxinus ‘Pass One’
Vil ‘Field’
Coil ‘The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I) (Jack Dangers mix)’
Exium ‘Expect Nothing (Regis alternative remix)’
Ploy ‘Poly Gone Widow’
Coil ‘Going Up’