23rd July – Essential Mix – Theo Kottis

23rd July – Essential Mix – Theo Kottis
Paradise 3001 ‘Cherry High’
Smooth & Simmonds ‘Climax Remix’
Double 99 ‘Ripgroove (Tuff Jam’s Groove Dub)’
Inland Knights ‘Over You’
Stretchboys ‘5-4 Say Freeze’
Illija Rudman ‘Mounting’
Matthias ‘Euphoria’
Man/Ipulate ‘Music Call’
Drifters Inc. ‘Drifting Away (No Bone Bass Mix)’
Cool Jack ‘Just Come (Ralphi’s Main Mix)’
Kingpin Cartel ‘Ghetto’
Fio Fa ‘In To Da Groove’
Jhobei ‘Surprise Surprise’
Charonne ‘Initiating Program’
Primitive ‘Drumprints B’
Spray ‘Ratenplan’
Reflex Blue ‘Implant’
Strategy ‘High Energy’
Bushwacka! ‘4 da Night’
Maximum Style & J.B. Rose ‘Wake Up’
Classified Project ‘Sub-Culture’
Justus Köhncke ‘Timecode’
VIGILE ‘R U Down?’
Theo Kottis ‘Enjoy The Ride’
Mullos ‘Argentine Dawn’
Djordjoo ‘Delightful Drug!’
Metro L.A. ‘Here For The Love’
Edward Norton ‘Melodram’
Timelock ‘Tinnitus’
100 Hz ‘Warp’
Los Hermanos ‘In Deeper Presence’
Duke ‘So In Love With You’
Capricorn ‘Love In London’