20th July – Essential Mix – Kasra

20th July – Essential Mix – Kasra
Need for Mirrors ‘Lambo’ V RECORDINGS
Ivy Lab ‘Forex’ CRITICAL
Circuits ‘Wingwalker’ CRITICAL
Digital ‘Deadline’ 31 RECORDINGS
Mefjus & Skeptical ‘Runway’
Baron ’Nosher (The Sauce Remix)’ CIA
Ivy Lab ’20 Questions’ CRITICAL
Fade Black ‘Wreckage (Demo Mix)’ CRITICAL
Enei ‘Northern Noise’ CRITICAL
Serum ‘Special Brew’ SOUPED UP
Break ‘Keepin It Raw’ SYMMETRY
Sam Binga ‘Vandaleiro (Particle Remix) (feat. Redders)’ CRITICAL
Adam F ‘Circles (Pola and Bryson Edit)’ SECTION 5
Skeptical ‘Imperial’ EXIT
Solid State ‘Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex and ST Files Remix)’ RENEGADE RECORDINGS
Doc Scott ‘Swarm’ METALHEADZ
Circuits ‘Drench’ CRITICAL
Ed Rush & Optical ‘Funktion’ V RECORDINGS
Bungle ‘Cocooned (Kiril Edit)’ 31 RECORDINGS
Optical Remix ‘Wish U Had Something (Optical Remix)’ XL RECORDINGS
Hyroglifics ‘Mind Control’ CRITICAL
Icicle ‘Lost Hours’ CRITICAL
TI & Inja ‘Flip The Switch’ CRITICAL
Workforce ‘Frantic’ CRITICAL
Mefjus & Emperor ‘Distrupted’ CRITICAL
Mefjus & InsideInfo ‘Repentance VIP’ CRITICAL
Klax ‘Become (feat. Chari Brix)’ CRITICAL
Kasra & Enei ‘40HZ’ CRITICAL
Marcus Intalex & ST Files ‘How You Make Me Feel’ 31 RECORDINGS
Commix ‘Underwater Scene’ SOUL:R
Klinical ‘Around Me’ OVERVIEW
Halogenix ‘Line B’ CRITICAL
Hyroglifics ‘Stone Rose’ CRITICAL
Ivy Lab ‘Live On Your Smile’ CRITICAL
SpectraSoul ‘Alibi (Break Remix)’ CRITICAL
Noisia & Phace ‘Floating Zero’ INVISIBLE
Enei, Eastcolors & Noel ‘Cracker 2017’ CRITICAL
Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon ‘Moon In Your Eyes’ V RECORDINGS
Sam Binga & Chimpo ‘Rude AF’
Capone ‘Friday’ HARDLEADERS
Bad Marsh & Shri ‘Signs (Calibre Remix)’ OUTCASTE RECORDS
Mefjus & Skeptical ‘Amber’
Skeptical ‘Mechanism’ EXIT
Kasra ‘Ski Mask (Enei Remix)’ CRITICAL
LSB ‘Potshot (Voltage VIP)’ FOOTNOTES
Bou ‘Envy’
Particle ‘Empires’ CRITICAL
QZB ‘Take It All VIP (feat. Charli Brix)’ CRITICAL
Alix Perez ‘White Lies’ 1985
Enei ‘Divided Mode’ CRITICAL
Kasra ‘Mechanique’ CRITICAL
Break ‘Submerged (Calyx & Teebee VIP Mix)’ SUBTITLES
Break & DJ Die ‘Slow Down VIP’ SYMMETRY
Current Value ‘AVGR’ SOUPED UP
Buunshin ‘Deep Footwork’
Circuits ‘Microdose’ CRITICAL
Fade Black ‘Sane (feat. Leo Law) CRITICAL
Break ‘The Flux’ SYMMETRY
Sam Binga ‘Organic (Enei Remix) (feat. Rider Shafique)’ CRITICAL
Mefjus & InsideInfo ‘Leibniz’ VIRUS
Halogenix ‘Blej (Fade Black Remix)’ CRITICAL
Fierce & Cause 4 Concern ‘Carrier’ QUARANTINE
SpectraSoul ‘Organiser CIRCUITS REWIRE
Circuits ‘Euphoria Part 1’ CRITICAL
Sabre Stray & Halogenix ‘Oblique VIP (feat. Frank Carter III)’ CRITICAL