16th June – Essential Mix – Trance Wax

16th June – Essential Mix – Trance Wax
Tastexperience ‘Tantrix’ R.T.X.R. RECORDS
Freefall ‘Skydive (Trance Wax Version)’ STRESS RECORDS
CRW ‘I Feel Love (Trance Wax Version)’ BANG ON!
Marco V ‘Simulated (Bas Amro Remix)’ WOLFSKULL RECORDS
Energy 52 ‘Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Remix)’ RENAISSANCE RECORDS
Yves Deruytur ‘Back To Earth (Trance Wax Version)’ BONZAI RECORDS
Filterheadz ‘Yimanya’ ID&T
Beat Foundation ‘Foundations (Trance Wax Version)’ NOT ON LABEL
Chicane ‘Lost You Somewhere’ XTRAVAGANZA RECORDINGS
Mauro Picotto ‘Lizard (Trance Wax Version)’ BXR
Camisra ‘Let Me Show You’ ALTRA MODA
CM ‘Dream Universe (Trance Wax vs. Kaily Version)’ ADDICTION RECORDS
The Auranaut ‘People Want To Be Needed’ BARRACUDA
V-Three ‘Zulu’ UK BONZAI
Three Drives ‘Sunset On Ibiza’ MASSIVE DRIVE RECORDINGS
Signum ‘What You Got For Me?’ TIDY TRAX
Vincent de Moor ‘Fly Away’ ZEITGEIST
Ralphie B ‘Massive’ DATA RECORDS
B.B.E. ‘Seven Days And One Week’ TRIANGLE
Cherry Moon Trax ‘The House Of House’ UK BONZAI GOLD SERIES
Push & Globe ‘Transformation’ BONZAI RECORDS
GTR ‘Mistral’ FIVE AM
Coast 2 Coast ‘Be With Me’ RELIGION MUSIC
Trance Wax ‘Beul Un Latte’ UNRELEASED
Atlantis ‘Fiji (Trance Wax Version)’ SCUNA MUSIC