2nd June – Essential Mix – George FitzGerald

2nd June – Essential Mix – George FitzGerald
Echospace ‘Abraxas’ MODERN LOVE
Night Communication ‘Nocturne Seduction’ HEARTBEAT
Eomac ‘Angel In The Marble’ KILLEKILL
Floyd Lavine ‘Masala (African Techno Mix)’ RISE MUSIC
Lawrence Hart & Casually Here ‘Wanderlust’ UNRELEASED
Stephen Brown ‘Lux (Antigone Remix)’ INDIGO AERA
George FitzGerald ‘Escape Delete’ UNRELEASED
Joy O & Ben Vince ‘Transition 2’ HESSLE AUDIO
Leif ‘My Heart Stopped Beating IDLE HANDS
Face+Heel ‘A Style Of Lovin (I Cube Remix)’ WARM MUSIC
George FitzGerald ‘The Echo Forgets’ DOMINO/DOUBLE SIX
SE ‘Androgenetic Bulls***’ TYMPANIK AUDIO
Luke Abbott ‘Modern Driveway’ NOTOWN
Susumu Yokota ‘Love Bird’ LEAF
The Sentinel ‘Heavy Vibes’ BASEMENT RECORDS
Schatrax ‘Wait, This Place In’t On The Map (George Fitzgerald Edit)’ SCHATRAX
OutKast ‘B.O.B. (George Fitzgerald Edit)’
Rival Consoles ‘Memory Arc’ ERASED TAPES
Leftfield ‘Phat Planet’ COLUMBIA
Squarepusher ‘My Red Hot Car’ WARP
The MFA ‘The Difference It Makes’ BORDER COMMUNITY

George FitzGerald ‘Burns (DJ Seinfeld Remix)’ DOMINO/DOUBLE SIX

Space Masters ‘Jumping To The Party (U.S.U. Mix)’ ZYX MUSIC
Age of Chance ‘Time’s Up (Timeless Mix)’ VIRGIN
Xen Mantra ‘Old Skool’ DANSA RECORDS
DJ Healer ‘Planet Lonely’ ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS
George FitzGerald ‘Passing Trains’ DOMINO/DOUBLE SIX
Hype Killers ‘To Live And Die In The Net (Ambient Mix)’ VAE VICTIS RECORDS
Skee Mask ‘Session Add’ ILIAN TAPE
George FitzGerald ‘Siren Calls’ DOMINO/DOUBLE SIX
George FitzGerald ‘Roll Back (Earlham Mystics Remix)’ UNRELEASED
Cold ‘Strobe Light Network’ ELEKTROLUX
Moby ‘Motherless Child (George FitzGerald Remix)’ UNRELEASED