28th March – Essential Mix – Max Cooper

28th March – Essential Mix – Max Cooper
Roska ‘NDOW’
Max Cooper ‘4D Wave Interference’ WHITE LABEL
A Winged Victory for the Sullen ‘Atomos VI’ ERASED TAPES
Max Cooper ‘Untitled’ WHITE LABEL
Vaetxh ‘List of Lists’ DETROIT UNDERGROUND
Kimyan Law ‘Eclairage’ BLU MAR TEN MUSIC
Fran Seven ‘At Least’ ATOMNATION
Isaac Delusion ‘Pandora’s Box (Lusine Remix)’ WHITE LABEL
Burial ‘Rough Sleeper’ HYPERDUB
Gidge ‘Huldra’ ATOMNATION
Kiasmos ‘Looped’ ERASED TAPES
Samu.l ‘Beach’ SURFACE
Fennesz ‘Before I Leave’ MEGO
Rob Clouth & Max Cooper ‘Untitled’ WHITE LABEL
Tessela ‘C’mon Lets Slow Dance’ R&S RECORDS
Little Joey Farr ‘Tape 7 (Tessela Remix)’ DSNT RECORDS
The Future Sound of London ‘Papua New Guinea’ JUMPIN’ & PUMPIN’
Faib & Synkro ‘Inhale’ SMOKING SESSIONS
Nils Frahm ‘Peter (Max Cooper Remix Edit)’ WHITE LABEL
Tom Hodge & Max Cooper ‘Teotihuacan (Part 1)’ QUOTIENT SERIES
Rob Clouth ‘The Smallest Possible Space’ LEISURE SYSTEM
Alberto Ruiz & Hugo Bianco ‘Haze’ BE ONE RECORDS
Rrose ’23 Lashes’ EAUX
Dyad ‘From Another Place’ DYAD
Pfirter ‘Supraventricular’ STROBOSCOPIC ARTEFACTS
Rival Consoles ‘Haunt’ ERASED TAPES
OneOhTrixPointNever ‘Rush’ WARP
Rob Clouth ‘Deep Field’ LEISURE SYSTEM
Little Joey Farr ‘Mormon Shuffle’ LEISURE SYSTEM
Satirist & Skew ‘Untitled’ WHITE LABEL
Dorian Concept ‘The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker Remix)’ NINJA TUNE
Tom Hodge & Max Cooper ‘Remnants’ FIELDS
Kimyan Law ‘Daimyo’ BLU MAR TEN MUSIC
Rival Consoles ‘Recovery’ ERASED TAPES
Boards of Canada ‘Dayvan Cowboy’ WARP
Rockwell ‘Full Circle’ SHOGUN AUDIO
Cirrus ‘Shiver Shrapnel (Woulg Remix)’ TERRA NULL RECORDINGS
Vaetxh ‘List of Lists’ DETROIT UNDERGROUND
The Rustle of the Stars ‘Sleeping Land (Part 1) (Max Cooper Remix)’ QUOTIENT SERIES
Nils Frahm ‘Them’ WHITE LABEL